Corporate Governance Solutions
A complete range of solutions and services dedicated to Corporate Governance

DiliTrust has been a publisher and software integrator for more than 20 years and offers a full range of solutions and services dedicated to Corporate Governance and the sharing of confidential documents. More than 900 customers in 48 countries are using our solutions to improve their performance.

Going Digital with DiliTrust’s Exec Board Portal


Our board portal provides an efficient and secure method for board members and executives to collaborate their ideas and information. With the platform being accessible in real-time and on demand, the users of DiliTrust Exec’s online governance solution can showcase their expertise thanks to a collaborative framework.


DiliTrust Exec was conceived by board members for board members. As a result, advanced management features, intuitive ergonomics and usability allows DiliTrust Exec to provide organisations with better corporate governance by quickly implementing recommendations from the board of directors. This benefits all levels of the organisation.


Our board management software is a collaborative platform that meets the most stringent international information security standards with its ISO 27001 certification. It also supports an archiving and backup policy that preserves data integrity, which is hosted on local ISO 27001 certified servers. Additionally, the data is not subject to the U.S. CLOUD ACT, thus ensuring permanent control for your information access.

Adopt the DiliTrust Exec Board Portal

Enhance the management of your board and executive committees’ meetings for efficient corporate governance. Our board management software meets stringent standards in terms of data security, compliance and efficiency.

Users have instant and secure access to the board portal on computers, laptops or tablets (iPad, Android or Windows) to consult agendas and find any board documents for a more efficient decision making process.

  • Unlimited Access
    Wherever you are, you will have secure and confidential access to all developments and documents of your boards and committees, with or without internet connection. This is possible thanks to the offline-mode of the board portal.
  • Advanced Collaboration
    The board portal’s features include confidential and shareable sticky notes, debates, polls and automatic alerts to keep directors informed. This enhances communications and enables effective collaboration between members of the board.
  • User-friendliness
    Our goal has been to design an easy-to-use solution based on directors’ needs and to provide a user-friendly work and collaboration experience. All new features are developed with this focus in mind.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    By eliminating the need for paper files and reducing travel for meetings, our board management software enables organisations to achieve a higher level of environmental responsibility and to accomplish common objectives in a sustainable manner.
  • Tablet Application
    Whether on your tablet at home, at the office or while travelling, the DiliTrust Exec board portal is always at your fingertips. Anywhere, anytime! The tablet application is available on iPad, Android and Windows, thus guaranteeing usability.
  • Multilingual Interface
    Our board management software is available in English, French and Spanish. A multilingual platform is part of our development strategy and reflects our vision of better governance worldwide.

A Software Solution for the Organisation of Corporate Legal Services

Choose the DiliTrust Governance Solution

Clearly designed, customisable and easy to use, DiliTrust Governance provides a seamless software solution for the corporate legal services of large and mid-sized companies. It simplifies the management of all corporate legal activities in one secure place . Legal departments can archive legal documents, monitor legal developments with their team and instantly share legal documents.

Why Choose DiliTrust Governance?

DiliTrust Governance allows you to automate business processes and get instant up-to-date reports and analysis via graphical dashboards. All the information you need to execute your legal activities  is available in one secure place. Our software securely manages your confidential information by allowing you to set the data access of each team member. You remain completely in control of your data.


DiliTrust Governance aims to simplify the tasks of legal departments by providing a complete overview of every legal activity in your organisation. Our software features dashboards, reports and statistics so that you can track  key indicators and understand vital analysis while remaining completely in control of your legal activities.


To increase the productivity of your legal department, DiliTrust Governance gives you the ability to store, share and consult your legal data. The software was designed to integrate teamwork into its core functionality. Colleagues can collaborate seamlessly online  thanks to a workflow validation system that is built into the tool. Data access is restricted to the scope of each user profile.


DiliTrust Governance is a solution that offers you a simple and easy to use application, which makes it easier to adapt to using a digital platform while increasing productivity. Users can complete their tasks efficiently thanks to our highly functional accesible design.


DiliTrust Governance is accessible securely from any web browser, to allow you to access your information anywhere at any time. Security is optimised by storing your data on secure professional servers and also by the ability to set user access rights according to your privacy requirements. Your data remains your property!


DiliTrust Governance archives and records all your legal data. It also logs the activities (creations, modifications etc.) performed by each lawyer in your team to enhance teamwork and simplify management processes .DiliTrust Governance provides you with an audit trail.


DiliTrust Governance is a software solution based on subscription, which allows you to remain control of your budget. You can change your subscription as your organisation grows: you can easily add companies or users, for example, without affecting your data and projects.

  • Corporate Law
    DiliTrust Governance covers the legal management of the companies in your group. This solution helps you carry out your management missions, follow-up your subsidiaries and participate by centralising all the data relating to the legal life of your entities, plus ensuring their traceability. Thus, it allows you to have an overall view of all your entities in order to achieve good legal governance.
  • Representatives, Authorities and Delegations
    DiliTrust Governance centralises the data of your whole legal team.It also covers the management of your delegations of legal and banking authorities as well as delegations of signatures, which in turn enables you to better control the legal risks. The tool helps you structure and follow them to avoid nullity, and ensure the consistency within the chains of responsibility.
  • Contracts
    DiliTrust Governance consolidates all your contract data, helps you structure it and automates the management process for simplified tracking. The tool offers a global view of domestic and international contracts throughout the life cycle. Notifications, alerts and reports allow you to anticipate the deadlines and optimise the financial and operational returns.
  • Litigation
    DiliTrust Governance allows you to centralise all your pre-litigation and litigation files in one secure place.The tool helps you structure and analyse each litigation file as it monitors the progress, to improve operational efficiency.
  • Real Estate
    DiliTrust Governance identifies and tracks all your leases. Our tool offers you the ability to list real estate assets and to better control the costs of managing your portfolio.
  • Intellectual Property
    DiliTrust Governance helps you identify, protect, value and track all your intellectual property titles (patents, trademarks, models or copyrights). It also covers all inventions and high level strategic and economic assets.